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1st December – Leverhulme

Job plan – up to end of Jan


Tropical Africa Drylands team (Ian Darbyshire, David Goyder)

Humid Tropical African team (Tivvy Harvey, Martin Cheek)

Malpighiales team (chat to Sue Zmartzy and Gill Chalen)

Lamiales team (Gemma Bramley and Alan Paton)

Legumes (Barbara Mackinder – 1 tribe)



Araceae (Anna Haigh)

Inner core, outer core and wider community


Manual (copy and paste etc):

Linaceae + SANBI families

            List of families and genera (create taxonomy + typing)

                        Linaceae + genera

                        Malpighiaceae + genera

            List of subset of characters (create taxonomy + typing)

                        General habit – habit

                        General habit - leaf arrangement

                        Leaves – insertion

                        Leaves – simple or compound

                        Inflorescence – flowers

                        Inflorescence – position

                        Flowers – perianth

                        Flowers – disc

                        Fruit – texture at maturity

                        Fruit –mericarps

                        Seeds – whether winged

                        Seeds – hairyness

            Characters (create custom data page + cut and paste)

                        Title = Plant part, character and state

                        Field 0 = Core or optional status

                        Field 1 = Description (do we need a special field for images)

                        Field 2 = Links to bibliography (how?)

                        Field 3 = Synonyms (in other keys)

            Feature descriptions (create custom data page + cut and paste)

                        Title = Genus name

                        Field 0 = general habit

                        Field 1 = leaves

                        Field 2 = inflorescence

                        Field 3 = flowers

                        Field 4 = fruits

                        Field 5 = seeds

Automated (batch-loading of data)

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