A.Rich. ex DC.
Shrubs or small trees. Leaves petiolate, elliptic or lanceolate, glabrous or hairy; stipules sheathing, crowned by two awns. Flowers sessile, in several-flowered, opposite, axillary cymes; bracts present, rarely connate and enveloping calyx. Calyx variable, 4-6-toothed, sometimes 2-lipped; tube campanulate or saucer-shaped; with short, truncate or dentate limb tube. Corolla 4-7-lobed, white, cream or rose; lobes +/- elliptic, shorter than or +/- as long as tube, sometimes apiculate; contorted to left; tube cylindric, funnel-shaped or deeply campanulate, variably hairy or glabrous. Stamens 4-8, arising in corolla mouth, exserted; filaments short; anthers medifixed, linear, sometimes with apical appendage. Disc swollen, annular. Ovary 2-locular, with 1 to many ovules embedded in placenta attached to septum; style terete, exserted; stigma 2-lobed. Fruit drupaceous, +/- pea-sized. Seeds +/- half-moon-shaped, reticulate, sometimes pustulate. x = 11.
Species +/- 100, tropical regions of the Old World; 7 in sthn Afr., N Namibia, N Botswana, Northern Province, Mpumalanga, Swaziland, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape.

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