Lasiochloa Kunth: 556 (1832); Chippindall: 116 (1955). Plagiochloa Adamson & Sprague: 89 (1941); Chippindall: 113 (1955). Urochlaena Nees ab Esenbeck: 437 (1841); Stapf: 700 (1900); Chippindall: 117 (1955); Clayton & Renvoize: 170 (1986); Gibbs Russell et al.: 350 (1990).
Annual or perennial, tufted, decumbent to mat-forming, stoloniferous or not. Leaf blade expanded or rolled; ligule a fringed membrane to a fringe of hairs. Inflorescence a panicle or single spike or raceme, contracted or capitate, rarely partially enclosed by a much enlarged flag leaf and disarticulating below flag leaf and falling as a unit, secund or spikelets 2-ranked; spikelets solitary. Spikelet 1.5-10 mm long, laterally to not noticeably compressed, usually disarticulating above glumes and tardily between florets; glumes +/- equal to unequal, shorter to longer than spikelet, similar, acute to acuminate, 3-7-nerved, glabrous or sometimes with tubercle-based glassy hairs, awnless, rarely awned. Florets 2-5(-10), bisexual; uppermostfloret sometimes reduced; lemma less firm to similar in texture to glumes, entire, without lobes (rarely emarginate with minutely awned lobes), acute to long-acuminate, 5-9-nerved, with hairs acute or club-shaped in marginal rows or fringes, or variously scattered; awnless, rarely with a slender, straight awn; callus short, glabrous; palea elliptic, linear or obovate, acute, rounded or sometimes truncate or bilobed, with tufts of long hairs on margins. Lodicules 2, obtriangular. Stamens 3. Ovary glabrous. Caryopsis ellipsoid or obovoid. x= 6.
Species +/- 10, sthn Afr., S Namibia, western regions of Northern, Western and Eastern Cape.

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