Sparsely branched shrubs. Leaves opposite, equal; petiole canaliculate; lamina obovate or elliptic, acuminate, cuneate at base, coriaceous, glabrous, +/- discolorous; stipules ovate or elliptic, pointed, broader than branch, coriaceous, glabrous, longitudinally striate. Inflorescences many-flowered clusters or small, short-peduncled cymes on old wood, minutely puberulous; bracts and bracteoles absent; buds pointed, subacuminate, black when dry. Flowers bisexual, 5-merous, heterostylous. Calyx cup-shaped, truncate. Corolla: tube cylindric, widening slightly towards base and towards apex, 2-3 times as long as lobes, bearded in throat; lobes valvate in bud, narrowly triangular. Stamens in short-styled flowers arising shortly beneath throat of corolla tube, exserted; anthers apiculate. Disc annular, slightly 5-angular, flat to slightly convex, glabrous. Ovary 2-locular at base, 4-locular in upper portion; ovules many; style glabrous, in brevistylous flowers included; stigmas 2, free. Fruit a fleshy, globose, red berry. Seeds globose.
Species 3, W trop. Africa; sthn trop. Afr. 1: Stelechantha cauliflora (R.Good) Bremek., Angola.
Urophyllum Wall. in part as to U. cauliflorum R.Good.

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