Sphedamnocarpus angolensis Planch. ex Oliv.

Planch. ex Oliv.
E. Launert FZ 1963
Erect or suberect shrub or shrublet, or woody herb, sometimes trailing and tending to twine at the branchlet tips; younger stems greyish- or yellowish-sericeous-tomentose, older ones +/- densely pubescent or sometimes glabrescent. Leaves usually in whorls of three or opposite, rarely subopposite, petiolate; lamina 3.5-6 x 1.5-2.5 cm., lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, apex obtuse to sub-obtuse, apiculate, base always rounded, with 2 glands on the margin beneath near the insertion of the petiole (or often near the apex of the petiole), usually greyish-or yellowish-sericeous-tomentose on both surfaces (denser underneath), sometimes glabrescent above; petiole 2-5 mm. long, stout, usually tomentose; stipules 3-10 mm. long, ovate, oblong or rarely ovate-lanceolate, apex obtuse, retuse or +/- apiculate, sericeous-tomentose, often absent. Flowers 1.5-2 cm. in diam., in few-flowered axillary or terminal umbels. Sepals about 5 mm. long, oblong, sericeous outside, sometimes glabrescent. Petals 8-10 mm. long, obovate to obovate-oblong, bright yellow. Stamens with anthers 1-1.5 mm. long, glabrous; filaments c. 4 mm. long, slender. Ovary densely sericeous; styles about 6 mm. long. Samara with wing 1.75-2 x 0.9-1.5 cm., obliquely ovate or obovate-oblong, very often reddish, sericeous to nearly glabrous.
Acridocarpus angolensis A. Juss.: Sphedamnocarpus angolensis var. pulcherrimus Niedenzu: Sphedamnocarpus pulcherrimus Engl. & Gilg
Flora Taxon: 
Sphedamnocarpus angolensis Planch. ex Oliv.

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