Coleus sect. Solenostemon (Thonn.) Benth.: 52 (1832); Bentham: 72 (1848).
Perennial, erect or spreading herbs or subshrubs. Leaves often blotched on upper surface or variegated (cultivars). Inflorescences terminal; flowers in pedunculate or sessile, often somewhat glomerate, dichasia; bracts differentiated from leaves, early deciduous. Calyx bilabiate, 5-toothed; uppermost tooth the largest, forming an ovate erect lobe; 2 lowermost teeth fused, forming a strap-shaped emarginate lip; 2 lateral teeth short and truncate to rounded. Corolla bilabiate; tube +/- sigmoid, narrow and ascending at base then deflexed about middle and expanding to throat; upper lip obscurely 4-lobed; lower lip larger than upper, boat-shaped. Stamens 4, declinate, arising at mouth of corolla tube and lying in lower lip; filaments usually shortly united at base, occasionally free. Style lying with stamens in lower lip of corolla. Nutlets ovoid-triquetrous, glabrous. x = 7 (10, 11, 13) (aneuploids, polyploidy).
Species +/- 60, in Africa, Asia and Malesia; 2 species: Solenostemon latifolius (Hochst. ex Benth.) J.K.Morton and S. rotundifolius (Poir.) J.K.Morton from Northern Province, Mpumalanga, Swaziland, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape.

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