Small woody lianes with twining stem. Leaves petiolate, base cuneate, apex +/- attenuate or subacuminate; domatia present; stipules 2- or more-lobed. Inflorescences terminal, many-flowered, laxly paniculate; floral bracts minute or absent; flowers heterostylous, subsessile, turning black when dry; aestivation valvate. Calyx divided to base into 5 +/- equal, ovate-triangular to linear lobes. Corolla tubular, much longer than calyx, glabrous outside, barbate inside in upper half; lobes 5, short, triangular. Stamens 5, arising in upper half of corolla tube, subsessile and included, or on short filaments arising at mouth of corolla tube (in short-styled flowers). Disc cushion-shaped, glabrous. Ovary 2-locular; placenta peltate, attached to middle of septum; ovules many; style glabrous, exserted from mouth of corolla tube, with 2 diverging stigmatic lobes. Fruit globose, 10-ribbed, tardily septicidally dehiscent into 2 apically partly loculicidally dehiscent cocci. Seeds many, small, angular, slightly dorsiventrally flattened, subcaruncular.
Species 2, trop. Africa; sthn trop. Afr. 1: Sacosperma paniculatum (Benth.) G.Taylor, Angola (Cabinda).

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