Shrubs or small trees. Leaves opposite, petiolate, papery to subcoriaceous; domatia usually present, hairy; stipules shortly sheathing, with a truncate to triangular limb usually bearing a linear to subulate lobe, often caducous. Flowers bisexual, (4)5-merous, terminal or axillary or both terminal and axillary, solitary or paired, sessile to shortly pedicellate; bracts and bracteoles absent or glumaceous; flower sometimes subtended by young leaves above bracteoles. Calyx: tube ovate to campanulate; limb subequalling the disc, 5-lobed or irregularly toothed, and margin beset with colleters. Corolla white; tube cylindric but widened at apex, equalling to over twice as long as lobes, glabrous or sparsely pubescent outside; lobes contorted in bud, spreading. Stamens: anthers set at mouth of corolla, sessile, linear, shortly apiculate at apex, scarcely hastate at base, usually attached above to well above the middle, with apical part exserted or sometimes entirely included, occasionally tending to adhere towards base. Disc annular. Ovary 2-locular; placentas small, attached to middle or somewhat above middle of septum; style cylindric, slender, glabrous, usually much shorter than corolla tube; stigma included, bifid; arms linear to narrowly oblong, sometimes not separating. Fruit a drupe, ellipsoid or broader than long and distinctly 2-lobed, containing 2, 1-seeded cartilaginous pyrenes; calyx lobes greatly or not at all accrescent. Seed oblong-ellipsoid, grooved on inner face; endosperm pale in colour, horny, asymmetrically folded from groove, embryo somewhat curved; testa thin, smooth at low magnifications.
Species +/- 20, Old World, E to Australia; sthn trop. Afr. 2, Angola.

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