Erect or sometimes probably scrambling shrubs or subshrubs. Leaves opposite , petiolate, lanceolate to ovate; stipules triangular or bifid. Flowers bisexual, +/- sessile, heterostylous, fairly large, in several- to many-flowered cymose terminal inflorescences; 1-several peripheral flowers often have 1 calyx lobe enlarged into a petaloid, coloured, stipitate lamina. Calyx: tube elongate, +/- oblong; lobes 5, +/- subulate. Corolla: tube narrowly cylindric, upper part containing anthers somewhat swollen; lobes (4)5, ovate, induplicate-valvate, usually drawn out into a filiform appendage very evident in the buds which have (4)5 apical subulate projections; throat velvety hairy. Stamens included in swollen part of tube. Ovary 2-locular, each locule with many ovules borne on the marginal portions of very narrowly oblong curved placentas which resemble lamellae; style +/- 3/4 as long as corolla tube in short-styled flowers; stigmas just exserted in long-styled flowers; stigma bilobed, with lobes linear or ovoid. Fruit dry, mostly capsular, with rather incomplete loculicidal dehiscence or sometimes not dehiscent; calyx lobes soon caducous. Seeds small, reticulate.
Species 5, trop. Africa; sthn trop. Afr. 3, Angola, Mozambique.

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