Pierre ex Beille
Tall trees with decussate branching. Leaves petiolate, obovate or elliptic, cuneate or rounded, acuminate, glabrous, with 8-11 pairs of prominent secondary nerves on each side of midrib and hairy to glabrous domatia; stipules interpetiolar, caducous, in vernation interlocking with each other or enclosing one another. Inflorescence thyrsic, axillary; stipules at base caducous. Flowers (4)5(6)-merous. Calyx: tube short, inside densely hairy; lobes triangular to rounded, sometimes with 1 or 2 colleters in sinuses. Corolla glabrous outside; tube with a short, basal, cylindric portion and a campanulate-inflated upper portion longer than basal portion, hairy inside; lobes with valvate aestivation, cowl-shaped, hairy inside, each with a very long, filiform apical appendage. Stamens: anthers included, sessile, sagittate, medifixed, with acuminate apex, dehiscing longitudinally, arising +/- in middle of campanulate portion of tube. Disc indistinct. Ovary 2-locular; placenta pendulous, arising at top of septum, covered with many upwardly imbricate ovules; style shorter than corolla tube; stigma 2-lobed. Fruit an ellipsoid septicidal capsule with tips of valves slightly loculicidal. Seeds winged, very narrowly elliptic in outline, with apical portion narrowly triangular, and basal part deeply divided into 2 long very narrowly triangular wings; central endosperm-bearing portion ellipsoid, ?-1/4 as long as entire seed; embryo surrounded by endosperm.
Species 5, tropical W Africa; sthn trop. Afr. 1: Pausinystalia macroceras (K.Schum.) Pierre, Angola.

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