Leaf characters are those relating to the "lateral outgrowth[s] from the stem", which "usually {consist] of a stalk (petiole) and a flattened blade (lamina)" [Hickey et al, 2000]. 
The next step is to select one of the characters from the list on the left-hand side in order to view definitions of its various features.
Here is a list of the possible leaf characters to choose from:

Insertion (alternate, opposite or whorled)

texture (fleshy, leathery etc)

whether petiolate

whether gland-dotted

 simple or compound

 whether peltate

whether pulvinate

compound form (unifoliolate, bifoliolate, pinnate etc)

leaflets (pulvinate or epulvinate)

lamina simple, dissection (lobed or unlobed)

lamina basic primary vein layout (one-veined, pinnately veined etc)

whether ligulate

whether stipulate

 stipule type (interpetiolar or lateral or axillary)

stipule form (modified into spines, represented by glands etc)

lamina margins (entire, rounded teeth or pointed teeth)

domatia (present or absent)

hairs (present or absent)

 unicellular hair form (branched or unbranched)

multicellular hair form (uniseriate or multiseriate)

multicellular hair form (branched or unbranched)

complex hairs (present or absent)

complex hair form (peltate scales, stellate hairs etc)

urticating hairs (present or absent)

 cystoliths (present or absent)

leaflet arrangement (paripinnate or imparipinnate)

leaflet number

pinnae number


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