indehiscent capsule

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indehiscent = (of fruits) not splitting open; capsule = a dry fruit composed of 2 or more united carpels, either splitting into valves, or opening by splits or pores
CFFP: capsule = a dry dehiscent fruit formed from a syncarpous ovary; indehiscent = remaining closed at maturity ATRFT1: indehiscent = usually applied to fruits which do not split open to release seeds while the fruits are still attached to the tree; capsule = a dehiscent fruit which opens along more than 1 suture FPW: indehiscent = fruits not opening to release seeds. Capsule = a dry fruit which normally splits open to release its seeds
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Pro parte: 
IPT: indehiscent = remaining closed; not splitting open at maturity along regular lines of fusion. A capsule is the product of a multicarpellate ovary.
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Similar concepts: 
CGBT: indehiscent = remaining closed at maturity; capsule = a dry, dehiscent fruit formed from a syncarpous ovary SSA: indehiscent = not opening when ripe. Capsule = a dry fruit composed of 2 or more united carpels and either splitting when ripe into flaps called valves or opening by slits or pores

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