Stoloniferous creeping herbs rooting at nodes, with erect flowering branches, or sometimes erect shrubs. Leaves opposite, in 2-6 pairs on flowering stems; stipules bifid at apex or divided into 2 completely separate lobes; a membranous cylindric or cupular sheath present at nodes inside stipules. Inflorescences terminal or rarely axillary, +/- capitate, often with a cup-like involucre. Flowers sessile or subsessile, 5-merous, distinctly or obscurely heterostylous. Corolla: funnel-shaped. Stamens arising in middle of corolla tube; anthers linear or oblong. Ovary 2-locular with a single erect ovule per locule; style bifid. Fruit depressed-globose, usually orange, sometimes red, inflated, full of watery juice, crowned with persistent calyx; pyrenes 2, semi-ellipsoid, brittle, dorsal face convex and not ribbed, ventral face with 1 or 2 grooves, basally dehiscent by 2 short lateral fissures. Seeds semi-ellipsoid, with entire albumen.
Species 12, trop. Africa; sthn trop. Afr. 3, Angola.

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