General Habit

General habit characters are those relating to the whole plant. 
The next step is to select one of these characters from the list on the left-hand side in order to view definitions of its various features.
  Here is a list of the possible general habit characters to choose from:

habit (trees, shrubs, lianas or herbs)

stems and/or leaves (with/without latex and colour of if present)

vegetative parts (resinous or not)

 plant form (normal, switch or of peculiar vegetative form)

 plants, nutrition (e.g. autotrophic, parasitic, carnivourous...)

 leaf arrangement (in a rosette or not)

herbs - mode of perennation (e.g. bulbaceous, cormous, tuberous...)

 growth form (self-supporting, epiphytic or climbing)

 types of climbers (e.g. stem twiners, petiole twiners, root climbers ...)

ecological type (hydrophytic or not)

hydrophytic habitat (marine or non-marine)

whether mangrove

whether succulent


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