Geofrutices with massive woody underground parts and tender, hardly branched supraterranean twigs; +/- all parts densely covered with long soft hairs. Leaves suborbicular, coriaceous to almost succulent, apex +/- emarginate, base widely cuneate; venation subpalmate; petiole slender; stipules interpetiolar, ovate with acute tip, free to base and not sheathing. Inflorescence: flowers solitary, pseudo-axillary; bracteoles ovate with acute tip. Flowers with left-contorted aestivation. Calyx long-tubular; lobes 5, narrowly triangular. Corolla: tube slender; lobes 5, narrow, +/- 1/2 as long as tube. Stamens: anthers 5, sessile in uppermost part of corolla tube, with small, narrowly triangular, sterile apical appendage; pollen in tetrads. Ovary 2-locular, with 2 peltate axile placentas with many ovules adnate to +/- entire septum; style slightly surpassing anthers, almost thread-like but upper part slightly swollen, terminating in 2 short, papillar stigmatic lobes. Fruit unknown.
Monotypic genus: Ganguelia gossweileri (S.Moore) Robbr., endemic to south-central Angola.
Oxyanthus DC. in part as to O. gossweileri S.Moore.

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