Perennial herbs with a woody rootstock or subshrubs, glandular pubescent; stem erect to ascending, quadrangular at least in younger parts. Leaves opposite or 3- or 4-nate, sessile or shortly petiolate. Inflorescences simple, terminal or axillary racemes with flowers arranged in 2-4-flowered verticils; flowers pedicellate. Calyx 2-lipped, shortly tubular, small and semi-erect during flowering, accrescent and declinate in fruit; upper lip broad, ovate, shortly decurrent, lower lip 2- or 4-lobed, lobes deltoid to subulate. Corolla 2-lipped; tube straight, not or only slightly exserted from calyx tube; upper lip 4-lobed, lower lip horizontal or deflexed, slightly concave, +/- as long as upper one; bracts subtending a single flower. Stamens 4, declinate, but posterior 2 sterile, arising near midpoint of corolla; anterior 2 fertile, arising near corolla throat; filaments free; anthers dorsifixed, synthecate, held within basal part of corolla lip. Ovary 4-lobed; style curved, 2-lobed at apex. Nutlets basifixed, surrounded by a 4-lobed disc.
Species +/- 9, trop. Africa; sthn trop. Afr. 6, Angola, Zambia. Very close to Orthosiphon and perhaps best recognised as a section within O. subgenus Orthosiphon (Paton 1993: 130).

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