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endosperm = in a seed, the food storage tissue that commonly surrounds the embryo, formerly called albumen; absent from seeds of some species when absorbed during development
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SSA: endosperm, formerly called albumen = the nutritive material (mealy, oily, fleshy or horny), formed in the embry sac after fertilization and stored within the seed and often surrounding the embryo ATRFT1: endosperm = the starchy or oil rich material which surrounds the embryo in some seeds. CFFP: endosperm = the albumen of a seed, particularly that deposited within the embryo sac IPT: endosperm = the starch- and oil-containing tissue of many seeds; often referred to as the albumen. CGBT: a seed in which the nutritive tissue is absorbed more slowly into the developing embryo so that part of it remains at least until germination e.g. Ricinus communis (Castor oil Plant) and Zea mays (Maize, Sweetcorn).
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FPW: endosperm = fleshy tissue, containing stored nutritive material, found in some seeds

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