Tall lianes with flexible stems. Leaves petiolate, ovate, symmetrical, acuminate, base rounded to cordate, with 4-6(7) arcuate-ascending secondary nerves on each side of midrib, puberulous on midrib and nerves beneath; axillary domatia with a small rounded, ciliate opening; interpetiolar stipules small, apiculate, fused into a short tube at base. Inflorescences terminal, +/- contracted cymes on lateral branches; floral buds elongate, subacute. Flowers bisexual or male, protandrous. Calyx tubular with 5 pointed lobes. Corolla campanulate; lobes 5, ovate, contorted in bud. Stamens arising on lower half of corolla tube; filaments very short, attached to lower 1/4 of anther; anthers with or without pollen; connective prolonged beyond thecae; pollen in tedrads. Disc annular. Ovary 2-locular; ovules many, axile; style slender in basal part, then swollen and furrowed in upper 3/4; stigma 2-lobed, purple, not opening and spreading when non-functional. Fruit barrel-shaped with a long peduncle, smooth when ripe, solitary or few in an infructescence; exocarp subcoriaceous; seeds embedded in soft, juicy pulp. Seeds many, slightly angular; endosperm present; embryo straight with rounded cotyledons.
Species 2, W Africa; sthn trop. Afr. 1: Atractogyne bracteata (Wernham) Hutch. & Dalziel, Angola.
Afrohamelia Wernham; Good: 8 (1926b); Gossweiler & Mendonca: 57 (1939).

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