Erect perennial herbs with simple or sparsely branched, glabrous, quadrangular stems. Leaves opposite, shortly petiolate, ovate to lanceolate, acuminate at apex, serrulate except cuneate base, scabrid above, penninerved. Inflorescence a lax raceme with a pair of flowers at each floriferous node. Flowers 2-lipped, reddish purple with paler throat. Calyx glabrous, 5-lobed; lobes ovate to lanceolate. Corolla slightly irregular; upper lip 2-lobed, with glandular hairs inside; lower lip 3-lobed; tube gradually widening, much longer than lobes. Stamens 4; filaments of anterior stamens geniculate and incurved, papillate and with glandular hairs, filaments of posterior stamens +/- straight, much shorter; anthers with 2 equal thecae. Ovary globose, glabrous; style filiform; stigma 2-lobed. Fruit a septicidal capsule. Seeds with alveolate endosperm.
Species 4, Old World tropics; sthn trop. Afr. 1: Artanema longifolium (L.) Vatke, Angola.

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