Lianas climbing by means of horizontal or recurved lateral branches, sometimes shrubs; bark papery, brown or grey, peeling off characteristically. Leaves in some species deciduous and then flowers appearing before leaves; often dimorphic: leaves on lateral twigs cuneate and oblong and short-lived; leaves on main twigs cordate and shorter; stipules forming a short sheath around stem with 2 interpetiolar awns. Flowers terminal but mostly appearing lateral by position on axillary and opposite brachyblasts with reduced or scarious leaves. Calyx small, mostly hidden by leaves of brachyblasts surrounding base of flower as an epicalyx; tube short; lobes 5-8, minute. Corolla salver-shaped, lobes 5-8, contorted to left. Stamens: anthers arising in throat of corolla, either sessile and half included, or with a distinct filament and exserted. Ovary 2-locular; ovules 1 per locule. Fruit a berry-like drupe; endocarp membranous. Seeds 1 per locule, hemispherical, without a groove; endosperm entire, without any adaxial intrusion; embryo half as high as seed; radicle inferior.
Species 9, trop. Africa; sthn trop. Afr. 2, Angola, Zambia.

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