Trees or lianas, sometimes shrubby; younger parts with silky or tomentose indumentum; twigs terete, often hollow. Leaves decussate, shortly petiolate, oblong to obovate, often unequal at base, hirsute, especially on nerves; tuft-domatia in axis of secondary and tertiary nerves; mesophyll containing crystal stars visible as very small dots; stipules interpetiolar, shortly connate at base, deciduous, leaving a ring of hairs on scar. Inflorescence terminal, pseudoaxillary, many-flowered, shortly pedunculate, erect, rarely ramiflorous. Flowers bisexual. Calyx cupular to tubular, with 5, short to long teeth, silky inside and outside; colleters present on inside. Corolla: tube shortly cylindrical in lower part, campanulate in upper part, silky outside except area at base, glabrous inside except 5 hair tufts in basal part; lobes 5, contorted to right, ovate to circular. Stamens 5, included in upper part of tube; filaments very short; anthers infra-medifixed, connective containing tannin cells. Ovary 2-locular; placentation axile, placenta T-shaped in cross section; ovules many, arranged all around placenta; style somewhat shorter than tube, cylindric with 10 longitudinal grooves, thickened at top into a club-shaped stigma. Disc cylindric, 5-lobed, often sparsely hispid on upper surface. Fruit 2-locular, narrowly or broadly ellipsoid, ribbed and often wrinkled between ribs, crowned with persistent calyx; pericarp fleshy, containing stony strings; endocarp thin. Seeds many, irregularly angular; hilum small, comma-shaped; embryo straight.
Species 5, trop. Africa; sthn trop. Afr. 3, Angola.
Randia L. in part. Porterandia as used for African species, not of Ridley; Halle: 118 (1970).

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