Perennial herbs or soft shrubs. Leaves entire or toothed. Inflorescences terminal, paniculate, crowded or lax; flowers in 2-6-flowered verticils; bracts small, caducous. Calyx subequally 5-toothed or uppermost tooth somewhat larger than remaining 4; tube campanulate or cylindrical, scarcely enlarging but becoming suborbicular in some species at fruiting stage, glabrous or pubescent in throat. Corolla bilabiate; tube cylindrical to cylindric-campanulate, widening slightly to truncate mouth; upper lip short, erect, obscurely 3- or 4-lobed; lower lip spreading to deflexed, concave, longer than upper. Stamens 4, didynamous, exserted; upper pair arising near or below middle of corolla tube with filaments free, glabrous or pubescent near base; lower pair arising at corolla mouth; filaments united for almost their entire length; anthers 1-thecous. Disc lobed, produced in front. Style exserted, minutely bilobed. Nutlets oblong, sometimes slightly frilled at base.
Species 10, endemic in the eastern parts of sthn Afr.: Mpumalanga, Swaziland, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape.

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