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when a ripe capsule splits into the cells, ie not at the lines of junction between the locules (ie septa) but along the midrib or dorsal suture e.g. many Liliaceae; opposite term is septicidal
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Pro parte: 
FPW: splitting open longitudinally along the dorsal suture (mid-rib) of each segment of the wall CFFP: dehiscing through the mid-rib of the carpels
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Similar concepts: 
IPT: a loculicidal capsule is one in which the line of dehiscence (the split) opens directly through the capsule wall into the locule. ATRFT1: loculicidally = describes the dehiscence of a fruit which splits along the back, +/- mid-way between the partitions between locules CGBT: splitting at maturity into the loculus, more or less mid-way between the partitions of the capsule; valvular dehiscence = splitting open by means of valves; septifragal = with the valves at maturity breaking away from the partitions (septa) of the capsule SSA: referring to the dehiscence of a fruit, which splits down the middle of the cells or locules (ie the midrib or the dorsal suture) and not at the line of junction of the carpels e.g. in most Liliaceae (in wide sense)

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