E.Mey. ex Arn.
Shrubs or small trees. Leaves imparipinnate; leaflets in 5-12 pairs, elliptic to linear; leaf rachis narrowly to conspicuously winged. Flowers bisexual; in corymbs or panicles. Sepals usually 4, +/- fused at base to form a cup-shaped calyx, oblique at base; lobes elliptic. Petals 4, with long, terete claw; limb oblong, hooded at base and with a scale or 3-lobed appendage; red. Disc cup-shaped or flat. Stamens 8, arising in a bundle beneath a fleshy gland at one side of flower where fifth petal is deficient; filaments exserted, subterete, hairy; anthers versatile. Ovary 3-locular, 3-angled, stalked; with 2 ovules in each locule; style short, obtuse. Fruit an inflated, beaked bladder. Seeds usually solitary in each locule, hard, purple or black, +/- size of pea.
Species 5, Africa; 1 species in Ethiopia, 2 species in Madagascar; 2 in sthn Afr., 1 mainly in dry areas of Namaqualand (Northern Cape) and Free State, the other in Northern Province.

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