Schumach. & Thonn.
Trees, dioecious. Leaves usually paripinnate, often comparatively large, 2-many-jugate; leaflets oblong or oblong-elliptic. Flowers regular; in short or long, simple or branched racemes. Sepals 5, circular, concave, imbricate, often hairy. Petals 5, +/- as long as sepals, woolly or with scales on inner face, often ciliate. Disc annular or cupular. Stamens (8-)12-20, arising within disc; filaments linear, pilose. Ovary 1-locular, deeply 2- or 3-lobed or -partite, each section subglobose, often villous; with a solitary, basal ovule; style simple, thick, straight or twisted. Fruit separating into 2 or 3 berry-like mericarps. Seeds globose or ellipsoid, with a fleshy aril or small, basal cushion. x = 14, 15.
Species 30-40, Africa and Madagascar; 1 in sthn Afr.: Deinbollia oblongifolia (Sond.) Radlk., Mpumalanga, Swaziland, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape.

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