Dovea Kunth: 457 (1841); Masters: 99 (1897).
Plants caespitose or with long or short rhizomes. Culms usually simple, branching only in 1 species ( C. microcarpum (Kunth) Pillans). Leaf sheaths caducous or semipersistent if culms are branching. Maleinflorescence of many small, poorly defined spikelets aggregated at several fertile nodes, overtopped by caducous spathes. Malespikelets with few to many florets, usually somewhat compressed, with few to 0 sterile bracts; perianth +/- trigonous or compressed, often somewhat arcuate, usually much longer than subtending bract; segments 6, in 2 whorls, outer lateral ones boat-shaped, mostly keeled, glabrous or villous on keel, inner oblong or lanceolate, dorsally rounded; anthers ovate-oblong, with a prominent apiculus; ovary rudimentary. Femaleinflorescence resembling male. Femalespikelets resembling male, generally fewer and more crowded; perianth trigonous or compressed; perianth segments osseous, often black, subequal or inner longer than outer, outer segments not keeled; staminodes well developed, strap-shaped; ovary trigonous, 3-lobed or compressed 3-locular; styles 3, free, plumose. Fruit a dehiscent 1-3-seeded capsule. Seeds highly ornamented.
Species +/- 12, mainly Western Cape, from Clanwilliam District to Albany in Eastern Cape.

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