Vellozia in sense of Baker: 244 (1896).
Fibrous perennials; stems dwarf and tufted or sparsely branched, up to +/- 4 m tall, protected by dense leaf bases, with roots passing down stem within leaf bases. Leaves mostly with transverse abscission band towards base and apical part falling with age. Flowers solitary on each peduncle, sometimes few between fascicles of leaves. Perianth with very short tube, or divided to top of ovary. Stamens: filaments short; anthers dorsifixed. Ovary +/- round in cross section, spiny, or with multicellular hairs; with many ovules in each locule on projecting placentas; style simple, short; stigma columnar. Fruit often flat or concave on top. Seeds attenuate-turbinate, angled, many. x= 12 (polyploidy).
Species +/- 30-40; 9 in sthn Afr., widespread.

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