Vellozia in sense of Baker: 245 (1896) in part; Hilliard & Burtt: 32 (1971).
Fibrous perennials, branched from base with branches up to about 150 mm long, unbranched above. Leaves +/- persistent, tristichous, sheathing at base, spreading-recurved, linear-lanceolate, 100-200 mm long, sharply keeled and serrated towards apex, interspersed along stems with series of sheathing, bract-like leaves. Flowers single on terminal, thin, subpersistent peduncles 50-150 mm long. Perianth 20-30 mm in diameter, pale lilac to white, turning green on ageing. Stamens erect; anthers subsessile, linear, basifixed. Ovary 3-angled, without multicellular hairs, obovoid, with many ovules on 2 thick placentas in each locule; style elongate; stigma capitate. Fruit sharply 3-angled. Seeds sausage-shaped, on thickened funicle.
Species 1: Talbotia elegans Balf., Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal.

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