Shrubby perennials forming cushions when old; young stems smooth, bluish green. Leaves opposite, fused towards base, erect, terete, semiterete or 3-angled, blunt, to 35 mm long, epidermis smooth. Flowers in a many-flowered dichasium, pedicellate, up to 15 mm in diameter. Sepals 5, subequal, acute or pointed. Petals yellow. Staminodes 0. Nectary a crenulate ring. Ovary with parietal placentas; stigmas 5, filiform, longer than stamens, green. Fruit a 5-locular capsule, probably close to Drosanthemum type, woody, top convex; valves once opened do not close again; valve wings 0; expanding keels diverging from base; covering membranes short; closing bodies 0. Seeds brown to black, surface rough. F lowering in early summer. D istinguishing characters: shrubs with smooth, cylindrical leaves; flowers yellow; fruit without valve wings, covering membranes partially covering locules.
Species 2, restricted to two areas, one near Cape Town and another near Riversdale, Western Cape.

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