Herbs, annual, +/- spreading, glabrous; stem often purplish red. Leaves opposite, sessile, elliptic or lower ones obovate, entire, 1-nerved; stipules absent. Flowers in terminal, regularly dichotomous dichasia, homostylic. Sepals (2)3(4)-fid, united at base, persistent. Petals 4, white, united with stamen filaments to form a very short tube, very shortly unguiculate. Stamens 4, with filaments united at base only; staminodes usually absent; nectaries obscure. Ovary 4-locular, each locule with 2 pendulous ovules and partially divided by a false septum; styles 4, free; stigmas capitate. Fruit a 4-locular, 8-valved capsule with 2-seeded locules; seeds in each locule partially separated by an enlarged false septum. Seeds small, with scanty endosperm; embryo straight.
Monotypic genus: Radiola linoides Roth, Europe, temperate Asia, trop. African mountains; in sthn trop. Afr.: N Malawi. Closely related to Linum.

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