Scrambling shrubs. Leaves alternate, flat, herbaceous, pinnatilobate. Capitula radiate, pedunculate, solitary or laxly corymbose. Involucralbracts 8-11, imbricate, rounded-oblong, with subscarious hyaline margins and obtuse-rounded hyaline tip. Receptacle hemispherical or conical, glabrous, epaleate. Rayflorets 8-13, female, fertile, strap-shaped; lamina oblanceolate-elliptic-obovate, white, with several branching veins, minutely papillate on upper surface, apically bifid, with short tube split adaxially to base. Discflorets many, bisexual; corolla tubular, 4-lobed. Anthers ecalcarate and ecaudate; apically with flat obtuse-truncate appendage. Style branches apically truncate, inside with discrete stigmatic areas. Cypselas elliptic-oblong, glabrous, adaxially slightly flattened and 3-ribbed, wall very thin, translucent and showing brownish black, rounded and very thick-walled testa epidermis cells. Pappus 0. x = 10 (1 report).
Monotypic, endemic to sthn Afr.: Hilliardia zuurbergensis (Oliv.) B.Nord., KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape.

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