Shrubs or small trees. Leaves alternate, 2-ranked, shortly petiolate, obliquely ovate, caudate-acuminate. Flowers bisexual, usually solitary in axils of leaves, +/- sessile; receptacle tube slender, dilated at base; Sepals 5, oblanceolate-oblong, spreading or reflexed, pubescent on both surfaces. Petals opposite calyx lobes, and +/- as long as these, entire or variously divided. Stamens 10, in 2 whorls in throat of receptacle tube, +/- exserted. Disc cup-shaped. Ovary shortly pedunculate, 1-locular; style slender; stigma capitate. Fruit drupaceous, surrounded by persistent, +/- fleshy base of receptacle tube. Seeds without endosperm; testa thin, +/- fused with pericarp; cotyledons large.
Species 15, trop. Africa; sthn trop. Afr. ?2: Dicranolepis angolensis S.Moore (perhaps synonymous with D. baertsiana De Wild. & T.Durand), and D. grandiflora Engl., Angola.

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