Scandent shrubs. Leaves shortly petiolate, ovate, entire; without cystoliths. Flowers single or few, axillary; bracteoles large, fused, keeled, acuminate, with conspicuous veins, enclosing corolla. Calyx annular, very short, truncate. Corolla +/-2-lobed, lower lip with anterior lobe smaller than others, lobes of upper lip +/-fused. Stamens 4, of equal length, arising in corolla throat, included; filaments curved, thick, shorter than anthers; posterior anthers 2-locular; anterior ones 1-locular. Disc annular, very prominent. Ovary subglobose, almost embedded in disc; ovules large, 1 per locule; style elongate, included; stigma funnel-shaped, slightly bifid. Fruit drupaceous, large, with 2 large subglobose woody pyrenes flattened on one side; retinacula absent. Seeds large, with soft testa.
Monotypic: Anomacanthus congolanus (De Wild. & T.Durand) Brummitt (= A. drupaceus R.D.Good), Western Zaire and Angola (Cabinda).
Gilletiella De Wild. & T.Durand; Moore: 129 (1930); Benoist: 5 (1950).

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