Acridocarpus prasinus Exell

E. Launert FTEA 1968
Woody climber or many-branched dense shrub, with spreading and scrambling branches. Younger branches +/- densely rusty-tomentose but very soon glabrescent, lenticellate. Leaf-lamina oblong or oblong-elliptic, 3-12 x 1.75-4 cm., distinctly acuminate (sometimes +/- caudate), cuneate, sub-coriaceous, usually eglandular, +/- densely (? reddish) sericeous when young, later usually quite glabrous except on the midrib beneath, with 6-8 pairs of lateral nerves; petiole rather slender, 0.5-1 cm. long, subcanaliculate, usually glabrous. Inflorescences terminal or axillary racemes, with a slender densely pubescent 1-2 cm. long rhachis, 9-12(-15)-flowered; bracts ovate-acuminate, up to 2 mm. long, pubescent, persistent; bracteoles +/- 0.7 mm. long, with a circular gland at the base. Flowers +/- 2.5 cm. in diameter. Calyx with 2-3 +/- distinct glands; lobes oblong-elliptic, 2-4 mm. long, brownish-sericeous outside or glabrescent. Petals white, subcircular or elliptic, 8-13 x 6-9 mm., shortly clawed. Stamens with oblong or oblong-ovate anthers 2.25-4 mm. long; filaments 0.7-1 mm. long, glabrous. Ovary brownish-tomentose; styles 2, slender, 5-11 mm. long. Wing of samara obliquely oblong-obovate (see fig. 1/3), 2.5-3 x 0.5-0.8 cm., usually with upper edge straight, broadest in the upper third, not clasping the nutlet. Fig. 1/3, p. 4.
Flora Taxon: 
Acridocarpus prasinus Exell

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