Acridocarpus chloropterus Oliv.

E. Launert FTEA 1968
Scandent shrub or tall woody climber with branches up to 15 m. in length. Younger branches +/- densely rusty pubescent, older ones quite glabrous, lenticellate. Leaf-lamina oblong or oblong-elliptic, 7-15(-19) x 2.5-5.5 (-7) cm., acute to subobtuse or acuminate, rounded, rarely subcordate or broadly cuneate, at the base, coriaceous, ferrugineous-tomentose (more densely underneath) when young, later often glabrescent except usually beside the midrib underneath, with usually 1 pair of glands beneath near insertion of petiole and with 7-13 pairs of prominent lateral nerves; petiole 2-6 mm. long, stout, canaliculate, pubescent or glabrescent. Inflorescences usually racemes terminating leafy branches, sometimes axillary, (5-)8-15 (-25) cm. long, many-flowered, pyramidal in outline; bracts triangular-lanceolate, 1-2 mm. long, densely ferrugineous-tomentose, eglandular; bracteoles very small, eglandular. Flowers +/- 2.25 cm. in diameter. Calyx with 2-3 orbicular glands; lobes ovate, 3-3.5 x +/- 2.5 mm., sericeous or glabrescent outside. Petals elliptic to ovate, up to 11 x 8 mm., clawed, yellow. Stamens with oblong-ovate glabrous anthers +/- 4 mm. long; filaments thick, somewhat ligulate, +/-1.5 mm. long. Ovary densely ferrugineous-tomentose; styles 2, 8-10 mm. long, stout, terete, curved inwards. Wing of samara obliquely obovate, 3-4(-5) x 1.5-2.3 cm., sometimes somewhat constricted in lower half, often distally oblique-truncate or obtuse, not clasping the nut, often purplish, usually glabrous. Fig. 1/2, p. 4.
Anomalopteris chloroptera (Oliv.) O. Ktze.
Flora Taxon: 
Acridocarpus chloropterus Oliv.

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